As part of the the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI), the smaRt Institute will bring together the expertise of eight top-tier research universities engaged in worldleading research in metals processing, polymers, fiber materials and composites; in collaboration with leading research institutions, industry groups, and global manufacturing and postindustrial and postconsumer waste companies.

The smaRt Institute will cultivate a portfolio of projects focused on reducing the embedded energy in manufactured products through technological advances and new processes that consider the entire lifecycle of the manufacture and reuse system. The institute will focus on four categories of materials - metals, plastics, fibrous materials, and e-waste. Transformative and novel technologies developed by industry, universities and research centers will be employed to tackle critical issues associated with recycling, reusing and remanufacturing products. The institute will tackle cross-cutting challenges related to clean manufacturing, and those associated with improving the efficiency of the manufacturing sector.

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