Focus Areas

Graphic of a four color circle; clockwise from top left, light green for Polymers, light blue for Metals, brown for E-Waste, orange for fibers.Polymers

  • High value polymers are often mixed with low grad material. Better sorting of these materials is required for high value reuse
  • Mixed polymers can be treated with new catalysts for monomers recycling
  • Novel identification and classification techniques


  • Lightweight metals (Al, Mg, Ti) require high manufacturing energy costs and will be increasingly used in ground and air transportation
  • A significant portion of the Al, Mg scrap metal are exported as scrap or mixed with low grade alloys (cast). There is a strong need to identify and sort for recycling and remanufacture of wrought alloys

E-Waste (Batteries, Mixed)

  • Extraction of high value chemicals (Co, Li, Ni, Mn) for reuse
  • Recycling technology and recovery for new battery systems
  • Reuse of batteries and disposal


  • Reuse of pulp and paper waste in energy production (black liquor)
  • Improve sensing for wastepaper recycling (classification of papers)
  • New separation processes